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Born and raised in Calizuela, Niktwit is an LA underground conservative artist whose caricatures capture the absurd and often sinister characters on the world stage. Niktwit uses a mixture of incredulity, anger, frustration and sometimes his innate drawing skills to document the parade of political and celebrity clowns in a Daumier-like fashion.

Niktwit views his raw and often brutal portrayal of the vile and ridiculous as a form exorcism that cleanses the fetid residue of the posturing Left and the contemptible MSM. He also admits it fulfills a Mandatory Psychological Therapeutic Evaluation Court Order. Niktwit’s only regret is finding the time to keep up with the onslaught of material.

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One of millions of fighters against the Cabal - human trafficking - corruption #SaveTheChildren.

MR. Rand I-don't-think-we-need-a-wall-that-bad Paul

Valerie Jarrett - The Real President not Obama Traitors do Treason Schumer and Pelosi Putin Justice Brett Kavanaugh Hero General Flynn CNN the very Fake News Liddle Adam Schitt (schiff) Wolf Blitzer


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